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 The Arts Society

 Graham is very proud to be a newly accredited lecturer of The Arts Society. Please find below a synopsis seven one hour lecturers that you can select. The selection is diverse looking at the music of Armistice day through to the Music of the Caribbean. Planning lectures for the various regional Art Society is now underway and already Graham is receiving requests to lecture up and down the country. Take a look at this short homemade video. We hope you like it.



The Art of State Ceremonial Music.

The UK provides some of the biggest Ceremonial Events in the world and arguably the best in the world but why is that? How do the military prepare for major events such as State Opening of Parliament, State Visits, National day of Remembrance, Royal Weddings or even a State Funeral?

The Cenotaph - Armistice Day.

Dr Jones provides a personal account of the behind the scenes preparation and build up to the National Day of Remembrance held at the Cenotaph at Whitehall in November each year in the presence of the Her Majesty the Queen and Royal Family, Heads of State on behalf of the Royal British Legion and the Nation.Timing and precision are everything; find out how the music for this event is prepared ahead of the big day in this fascinating behind the scenes presentation.

Music Power

From the earliest days of Warfare music has been used in battle as a means to communicate orders, help give soldiers courage and to improve the morale of the Armed Forces. This presentation looks at how music worked in Warfare and is it still relevant in todays military. Does it help sustain History, Heritage and tradition or is there more, perhaps psychological warfare? Find out more in this unique presentation on the power of music.

The Music of the Caribbean.

The effects of colonialism has played an intrinsic part in the musical culture of the Caribbean. They are a synthesis of African, European, Indian and indigenous influences. Each Island has its own complex rhythm patterns and styles. Find out about the origins of Calypso on Saint Kitts, Jwé on Saint Lucia and much, much more in this light hearted insight lecture full of the sounds of the Caribbean.

The Art of State Ceremonial Music, USA.

The USA prides itself on its military capability and its sense of pageantry which is fairly rooted in the British tradition. In this insight lecture find out about the “special bands” in Washington DC and even about the “bone band’. Included in this presentation is video footage of some very special and impressive moments but is the music of state relevant in today’s fast paced world?

A Very Ceremonial Christmas.

Find out, in this very light hearted lecture, about the various ceremonial events that take place around Christmas time. Carol services, concerts and even Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace and Windsor all play their part. How do the Chelsea Pensioners prepare and celebrate the festive season? All will be revealed so, come along and feel wrapped in a blanket of Christmas loveliness.

The Music of Trooping the Colour.

This presentation will give a personal account of preparing the music for The Queen’s Birthday Parade from music selection, rehearsals and the big day itself, including an insight into how it all works. This presentation will also look at the relevance of music for such an event; is it really relevant in todays modern world?

The Arts Society

"The Arts Society is a leading arts education charity with a global network of over 380 local Societies, which bring people together through a shared curiosity for the arts.

Our events provide welcoming places – locally, nationally and globally – to hear expert lecturers share their specialist knowledge about the arts.

Our 90,000+ members contribute to and preserve our artistic heritage through volunteering and grants.

Our strength is our people, joined together by a passion for the arts which can nourish and empower us all. Our work creates a better, healthier and more connected society". To find out more about the Arts Society please visit;

Carnival UK

As well as being a newly accredited lecturer of the Arts Society Graham continues to work as a guest Lecturer for both Cunard and P&O Shipping lines. Graham said; " It's a fascinating experience to be a Lecturer onboard ship. I meet so many lovely people and everyone is so kind, certainly the best working holiday I've ever had." 

Graham has been lecturing for Carnival UK since 2013 and has currently given over 150 lectures onboard to critical acclaim. His mix of knowledge, enthusiasm and humour coupled with outstanding audio and visual images has proved a hit with cruise audiences.

Community Lecturing

Back on dry land Graham enjoying giving local community lectures from the local Women's Institute,Church groups and local Community Centres. Graham believes it is important to support local community groups who do such an amazing job fund raising, supporting charities and helping the more vulnerable and frail in society.

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