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President - Brentwood Imperial Youth Band

Graham is both honoured and delighted to be the President of the Brentwood Imperial Youth Band. Any child can walk off the street into the Band Room and receive a musical instrument and music lessons all for £1.00 per week. They also learn many skills that will hold them in good stead as the grow and enter adult life.

Introducing the Brentwood Imperial Youth Band - 2019

Introducing the Brentwood Imperial Youth Band. Formed in October 1990 as a Bugle Band by John Wyndham MBE, it has developed into a 100 strong group with ages ranging from 10 years old. The Band perf...

The Brentwood Imperial Youth Band is a traditional marching band based in Essex, England. The band was founded in 1990 by Mr John Wyndham MBE to provide local youth an environment to develop life-skills in a fun, safe and musical way.

Since 1990 the band has developed into a highly successful group with a renowned international reputation. With over 100 members, led by a cadre of staff who are all volunteers, the youngest musicians are just 10 years old and many of the new recruits join the band with no previous musical experience. With a multifunctional capability the band performs at concerts, parades and tattoos throughout the year.

As honorary members of the 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division Polar Bear Association the band proudly wear the Polar Bear insignia on their Scarlet Red Tunics. Check out this wonderful youth band here

President - Southern Highlands Pipes and Drums

Graham is both honoured and delighted to be the President of the Southern Highlanders Pipes and Drums. This popular community Band has grown in recent years with outstanding performances both at home and abroad. Graham has organised for the band to play at prestigious events such as the Her Majesty the Queens 90th Birthday Tea Party on the famous Mall, outside Buckingham Palace the Poppy Ball in support of the Royal British Legion and many more events.

Southern Highlanders Ystad Sweden 2013

short clip of Ystad routine

The Southern Highlanders Pipes & Drums are an International Pipe Band available to perform in any part of the world, epitomising in almost every way the Scottish Military Pipe Bands, by wearing full ceremonial uniforms with feather bonnets and playing traditional tunes that are familiar the World over.

With nearly one hundred band members to call upon at any one time, the Southern Highlanders are almost always able to parade a Band of any size to perform at national and international events.

Our Band has gone from strength to strength and since we have introduced Highland Dancers as part of our organisation, who perform traditional Highland Dances and Scottish Folk Dances whilst accompanied by our Pipers, our ranks have swelled and demand has increased.

We seek to proactively recruit younger Pipers and Drummers and to involve them in all of our engagements and commitments wherever possible in order to perpetuate the Cultural Tradition of Pipe Band

Vice Chair - Cuddington Residents Association (CRA)

Graham has been living with his wife Susan in Worcester Park, Surrey for the past 10 years and was recently invited to join the local Residents Association. Graham and Susan's home is in the ward of Cuddington in the district of Epsom and Ewell. Graham has recently been appointed the Vice Chair of CRA.

Formed around the same time as the borough in 1937, we have had an almost unique form of democratic process. From the expansion of housing in the 1930s local Residents’ Associations have given people a forum for local debate. These groups organised social activities on the new estates, and represented local views. At the time of the early 20th century, many candidates for local government stood as independents. Far more than we see in the country today. With increasing party politicisation of national and local government through the years, Epsom & Ewell has stood out against the tide. With no party lists each RA puts up candidates for election to Epsom & Ewell Borough Council based on merit and consensus. Their candidates have been in control for the last 80 years.

To find out more about CRA please visit;

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